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Although my ancestors are from the northern region of Europe, my sense of identity extends well beyond geographical boundaries. I am a global citizen with a deep-seated attachment to the vibrant city of London.


I love exploring different cultures through travel and have a fondness for the little things in life. Whether it's roasting marshmallows by a bonfire by the beach or dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in France, I feel at ease in any setting.


My physical appearance is characterized by my lengthy legs, lustrous blonde locks, and strikingly blue eyes. I have been complimented on my soft skin and pleasant scent. I am all natural without any enhancements. 


I have recently started on a new journey towards fitness, committing to working out five times a week. I have also made a conscious effort to nourish my body with wholesome seafood and ample fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring that it receives the necessary nutrients to thrive. Occasionally, I like to unwind and indulge in some champagne or Espresso martini.

I believe that you, like me, are looking for a passionate, fun, and relaxed encounter, completely discreet and free of any judgment. I am open to many date ideas such as dinner, drinks, shopping, or sightseeing. I enjoy trying new restaurants and outdoor activities and am open to certain niche fetishes behind closed doors. I am most comfortable in longer girlfriend experience sessions but know in everyday life that isn’t always possible. I offer shorter sessions in those instances.

Till we meet xoxo


2 hours


1 hour 

Outcall  Deposit £50 Via Cashapp @HeiUk

Outcall GFE Deposit £50 Via Cashapp @HeiUk


Dinner date

Dinner Date Outcall with 2 hours private

Deposit £100 Via Cashapp @HeiUk

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